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Knowles are fully committed to ensuring the environmental impacts of all our services, are measured, monitored and minimised, continuously. It has been estimated that between 11-13% of global carbon dioxide emissions can be directly attributed to distribution and warehousing operations. Therefore, we take our responsibility seriously and have invested in a number of projects aimed at reducing our environmental impacts across both of our logistical processes:

Fuel Efficiency

As a primary corporate goal, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions year on year. By measuring our emissions through our telematics partners, we can constantly analyse our progress in this key business area. In order to achieve this, we have implemented a range of initiatives aimed at securing a successful future:

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

We are routinely trialling vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers, in search of the most efficient vehicles to meet the needs of our diverse distribution operations. Investing in the latest vehicle technologies is essential if we are to achieve the rigorous environmental targets we have set ourselves across our distribution operations. All our vehicles are a minimum of Euro 5 emission class and the majority of our vehicles are Euro 6 emission class (This is the latest environmental engine standard for vehicles).

Driver Coaching

Efficiency and safety doesn’t just come from the most resourceful vehicles though; it is also important that our drivers are educated in ways that will enhance energy efficiency. They are also instructed to undertake their work, both on and off the road, in a safe and courteous manner. At Knowles we educate our drivers through our CPC programmes, as well as through one-to-one workshops. This means that we can be certain that each driver is fully trained and up to speed on all the latest guidance and best practice protocol, ensuring the ethos is fully embraced across the board. We employ our own experienced driver trainers, who target driver behaviour, through analysing our telematics software, spending time with each individual driver, both in the classroom and the vehicle, in order to highlight and overcome any possible areas of weaknesses from a multitude of different driving competences. Our overriding aim is to ensure every one of our drivers has the knowledge and the expertise to understand and deliver efficiency, safety and reduced emissions each and every day.

Renewable Energy Production

Knowles recently invested considerably in a 500kWh solar panel project, situated on a number of our warehouse roofing spaces. This project is one of the largest commercial solar panel projects within the UK and is projected to save over 210000kg of C02 every year. It is also helping Knowles Transport to significantly reduce our environmental impact within our warehousing operations division and is a strong indicator of both our intent and our commitment towards a global issue.