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At Knowles Transport we believe that technology plays a pivotal role in the future of the logistics industry. We are continually working closely with customers and our IT suppliers to identify and implement the most efficient IT systems that allow us to create superior and successful supply chain partnerships. Our core belief is that all our IT systems must interface seamlessly as well as with our customer’s IT systems, applying a synergy across each platform to optimise efficiencies for all parties. Our core IT systems are as follows:

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We work closely with our customers, gathering a clear understanding of all core business objectives, before exploring every opportunity with our WMS suppliers, to ensure we bring our customers the most efficient and robust interface between both systems. We can cater for all requirements, no matter how complex, but as standard you can expect the following shared benefits when choosing us and our WMS:

  • • Complete Warehouse Control
  • • Real Time Stock Accuracy
  • • Full Traceability of all Movements
  • • Reduced Supervision Time
  • • Eliminated Paperwork

Our WMS is both highly functional and adaptive to meet the needs of all our customers. It has sophisticated reporting and analysis tools, which allows both our customers and our team to make informed decisions about the most efficient way to handle stockholdings.

Transport Management System (TMS)

Our TMS is constantly in sync with our WMS, continually updating our traffic teams with the most up-to-date information relating to customer deliveries. The link between the two departments and systems is fundamental in delivering ‘the perfect order’ – our core ethos. Our TMS already allows for online POD viewing for the customer, but we are continually looking to improve our offering and make advancements in developing even more efficiencies. We are currently developing with our IT supplier the facility for automatic updates on estimated delivery time and even the potential to make online bookings of loads. Our TMS, like all our IT systems is constantly evolving to offer customers heightened visibility, functionality and peace of mind.

Tracking & Telematics

These two have become integral to not only offering greater visibility and customer service over the past decade, but in allowing our teams to plan and allocate with much more effect, allowing us to target inefficiencies in driving behaviour, helping us to reduce vehicle miles and their emissions. Our tracking systems are constantly in synchronisation with our TMS, delivering heightened control for our traffic teams and enabling superior and more accurate communication regarding load completion with our customers. We are using the link between our telematics and our TMS to develop interfaces for our customers so that our customers can have ultimate visibility and an ability to see when their loads are expected to arrive at their destination, as well as the subsequent immediate upload of POD’s. All of our vehicles have tracking and telematics installed, allowing complete control of our extensive fleet and comprehensive approach to delivery with maximum efficiency.